About CorderProducts.com

Don Corder is the owner of Corder Products. The business manufactures a variety of products, along with tool & die and general machine shop work. His family was in the music business for many years, first as owners of retail music stores, then as manufacturers of music drum sets. When the family got out of the music business, Don retained owership of the Music Flip Folders. Music Flip Folders hold sheet music on musical instruments in a marching band, and this product is wholesaled to locations all over the United States. He also started machining custom tube lugs for vintage snare drums, and keeps busy supplying this item to many customers across the nation and as far away as Japan and Australia.He is the inventor of the Batter-Up. The Batter-Up has been sold to teams across the U.S., and we're hoping the production of this website will help increase the visibility of the Batter-Up. Thanks for checking it out!

Why did we invent the Batter-Up?

Don decided after watching many softball and baseball games, that there MUST be a better way to store helmets and bats to keep baseball and softball equipment sorted and stored nicely in the dugouts. Keeping in mind that it had to be small and lightweight so it could fit in a bat bag, the idea for the Batter-Up was formed. Prototypes were made, and six colors were decided on. For several years, many teams have been putting the Batter-Up to good use. We've been to several coaches clinics and displayed the Batter-Up with good results. The feedback we've received from the teams who use them have all been positive. The University of Alabama in Huntsville's Division II fastpitch softball team uses the Batter-Ups regularly. It's a great way to help your dugout stay organized by helping the players of all ages keep up with their own equipment. It was invented for the players, but helps out the coach just as much.



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